Saturday, September 5, 2009

September 4, 2009

Thank you for doing such a great job of making sure that your children arrive to school on time each day.

Pick Up and Drop Off Updates
As you may have noticed, we have incorporated some additional changes to our dismissal process. These changes are to ensure the safety of our students and to allow teaching until 2:45 pm: ·
  • SAFE CROSSING TO WYOMING SPRINGS: Please note, if you are leaving school from the back, There is the crossing guard on duty at a clearly marked, freshly painted spot that requires you to walk back north (away from the school) and then back down toward Falcon.
  • It is suggested that you please refrain from walking south on Wyoming Springs to cross at Falcon, since there is not a crossing guard on duty at this point.
  • To insure the safety and well-being of all Fern Bluff students and parents; we ask that everyone please ONLY CROSS where a crossing guard is posted on duty.
  • Parents are welcome to use the front or back covered areas to wait until classes arrive. We then ask that parents move to the designated parent waiting areas.
  • Remember older students with siblings in K or 1 need to meet them out front and leave from the front porch.
  • Please remember that no cars are allowed to leave until 2:50pm in the back and 2:45pm in the front. We encourage all walkers to leave by these times.
  • Remember that at 3:00pm all students will be taken to the office to wait for pickup.

School Quiet Zones
  • To help support our campus-wide system for school expectations, we have incorporated quiet zones. These quiet zones are in our main hallways towards the front and back of the school.
  • Please note that parents are asked not to congregate in the hallways after drop off and prior to dismissal.

As we work together to insure the safety and well-being of all our Fern Bluff students; I’m asking that our parents please be mindful of the following friendly reminders:
  • No students are allowed in the building until 7:30 unless they are purchasing breakfast. We do have outside monitors on duty from 7:15 until the doors open at 7:30.
  • We ask that parents adhere to the student drop off areas in the main hallways.
  • Please check-in and obtain a visitor’s badge upon entering the school building. This definitely includes entry into our portable classrooms as well. It is crucial that we follow our campus procedures in this regard to maintain the safety of all our students and teachers.
  • Please refrain from bringing dogs and cats on campus due to student allergies.
  • Please refrain from parking in the staff designated parking spots as they are needed by our teachers and campus staff. You are more than welcome to park in any visitor space.
  • Please mark your calendars as we will begin counting tardies the week of September 7th.

The opening of school has been outstanding and we anticipate a great 2009-2010 school year.